Everything for your special day , starts with candles ,crystal garlands,crystal curtains, crystal wedding trees, elegant tassels, and crystal decorations of all shapes and sizes.

Weddings are a new start to a different part of our life. Everyone is assigned to this life and is excited to take the immense responsibility that comes. This beautiful start should be done and celebrated grandly, thought it is a sorrow time also for girls. Grand celebration for wedding is everyone’s dream and to fulfill your dream Shaadi Masala have offered many plans so that you can enjoy a relaxing marriage throughout.

Your wedding does not need only venues or foods; the most important thing in any wedding is fruitful decorations to emphasis the beauty of marriage. Decors depict how beautiful the relation of husband and wife is and therefore to convey this to the people, decorations are done. We offer you the latest and the sensational decoration to make the wall of love and affection transparent. Items such as crystal hanging pots, candles, crystal curtains and garlands, wedding trees, elegant tassels and many more are hold up to make your set and venue more stunning and dazzling.

Crystal items are very common nowadays and are a perfect thing to add glamour and charm to the situation. Colorful sets are being designed by our designers for a mesmerizing environment such as sitting arrangement at the pool side with designer candles in the water, dangling crystals and pearls, flowers decoration.