Performances and themes that will enthrall and entertain your guests, who to work with, who to avoid talent sourcing, negotiation and liaison to get the very best out of each event and artist, we have worked with the whole range of entertainments. From top bollywood actors and actresses, to playback singers. At every budget level every art-form and culture, and every occasion. We will put you directly in touch with the artists, or negotiate and book them will behalf Priya’s production teams will also work budget, interceding between you and the attested to find the correct balance and the best quality sound, lights, lasers and special “Fx”.

From destination venues to lavish decors, celebrity performances and splendid themes, the traditional sangeet has now become a more organized and systematic pre wedding event. The once Do-it-yourself song and dance ceremony is now taken up by professional vendors who not only set up for the grand sangeet but also manage group/celebrity performances at such a ceremony.

The loud brass bands, dhols and nagadaas and the squeaky shehnai are now outdated and have given way to more groovy, funky DJ parties. The ladies in the house now seek professional training for performing their dancing jig at these dos. A range of choreographers are competing in the market offering various services like the “lead pair” dance, complete family dance choreography. Recent celebrity weddings have witnessed Bollywood and TV industry’s who’s who to perform at their glitzy weddings.